7 Easy Ways to Become Effective Parents

 So… How do you discover 7 Easy Ways to Become Effective Parents? Whoa… This title doesn’t match the news subject! Did you read them correctly? Sure did!

Melinda Wentzel (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melinda-wentzel) of Huffington Post fame has written a piece with her own list of 7 irreverent Do’s in the form of sarcastic, if not cynical tips guiding the habits of defective parents.

Of course, Ms. Wentzel reports that these tips are to be followed in the mirror image. Do the opposite.

This is a rather fun piece, yet it gives you some excellent information.

Read the excerpt below and start working your highly effective parenting skills in opposition to the 7 habits listed there.

7 Easy Ways to Become Effective Parents

“The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Parents”

“… Stephen Covey should have written a book with the above-mentioned title. Not that he failed spectacularly as a father, but because people tend to more readily grasp what doesn’t work, as opposed to what does.”

“Countless individuals, myself included, could’ve then avoided seven of the biggest pitfalls of child rearing — all of which… “

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“So in the true spirit of generosity and irreverence, I’ve compiled a list of that which you would do well to eschew.”

“… you’re well on your way to becoming a highly defective parent. However, you’ve truly arrived in said capacity when you scream at your brood, “Stop screaming!” and it actually works.”

“2) Do everything for your child/children, lest they become discouraged …”

4) Compare your child/children to others at every opportunity… “

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UPDATED: May 15, 2012
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You can use every tool and all the tools that you find to enhance your parenting skills. Should you go to Ms. Wentzel’s piece in the Huffington Post and smile and have a laugh, you will come away with a solid portrait of ‘what not do to.’

Take her (not so) subtle and humorous hints and use them to help you discover your Successful Parenting Solutions.

To Your Parenting Success!

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