The Effects of Grandparents Raising Children

The Effects of Grandparents Raising ChildrenUPDATED: May 17, 2012 (Text added; Title changed) The Effects of Grandparents Raising Children can have farl reaching positive and negative influences. Today I have found this charming piece by Michael O’Connor. He is a staff writer for the Omaha World-Herald online ( He has written a piece about a loving and caring foster grandma (Grandpa, too). I know that this is a local online paper, but isn’t that where it all starts, locally?

 We hear all too much of the ‘bad stuff’ when it comes to Raising Children. I for one try to stay away from all the ‘bad news.’ (That is impossible most of the time.)

 Read the excerpt below. I encourage you to go to the piece online and feel the love from this community-minded woman, who has joined a foster grandparents program at the local grammar school.

 Check out the excerpt below and go to the original source. It is worth your time.


The Effects of Grandparents Raising ChildrenThe Effects of Grandparents Raising Children

Michael O’Connor says…

“Foster grandma connects with kids”

“Her name is Amelia Donaldson, but to the students at Omaha’s Pinewood Elementary she’s like a nana.”

“Donaldson, 83, is a foster grandparent at the school, a role she’s filled for nearly 10 years. The grandparent program, which connects people age 55 and older with children in need, …”

“…is a former nurse who has always connected with children.”

“She was a foster parent and had more than 10 foster children …”

“Donaldson started her work as a foster grandparent at Pinewood in 2003.”

“She helps students learn …”

“Boosting them academically is important. But part of her mission is to lift their spirit.”

“She remembers another boy who never got in trouble, but one day she saw him in the school office because of discipline. Donaldson says she whispered something in his ear, and she never saw him in the office again.”

“”I told him, ‘This is not like you. Don’t let the world take you over. You want to grow up and be a good man. You want to be somebody we are proud of,'” she said. “I told him we loved him.””

“Get To Know . . . Amelia Donaldson Age: 83”
“Donaldson said the foster grandparent program, a national effort that is federally funded, has been a great way to stay involved in the lives of children.”

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Amelia Donaldson isn’t exactly raising her own grandchildren in the strictest sense. She is however, contributing immensely to the education and spirit of these grammar school children.

I sincerely wish that my children had had the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful community minded woman. She was a wonderful role model. We all have more to give than we ever realize.

Perhaps this story will inspire you to start a program that will gives older people in the community the opportunity to assist in raising children. It really does take a village.

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How to Deal with Parenting Young Children

How to Deal with Parenting Young Children 4-9UPDATED May19, 2012 (Text added; Title changed) Everything starts with knowing How to Deal with Parenting Young Children 4-9. Adults sometimes forget that there is so much more to the foundations of Parenting than just feeding, washing, and dressing young children. Once you are past the infancy stage, what’s next?

Adults also forget that just breathing, and watching, and doing ‘the next right’ thing is part of the parent child relationship.

There is a piece that I have created, which is available for the Kindle elaborating on this topic, read the excerpt below and then go to the free page on this website. The direct links to both the expanded Kindle article and the clarifying piece on this website are below.


How to Deal with Parenting Young Children 4-9

“The Heart of Parenting Young Children”

“The Basics:

“Let’s start with the basics. What is at the heart of Parenting Young Children? Sometimes the simplest concepts elude us and we do not take the time to understand the foundation, the principles, and the deep roots of parenting, especially of parenting young children.”

Taking this concept apart a piece at a time…”

“Let’s look at the who, what, where, when, how, and why of it all.”

The heart of parenting young children is …”. This is more powerful than you can imagine.”

Dig down to the building blocks and foundation.”

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Young children, as well as parents, need these early years to form lasting and deep bonds. These early years are building blocks. Ages 4-9 are when your youngster begins to step out into the world outside the home.

“The leading central theme that is at the heart of Parenting Young Children…”

You can find the full text, and where to get the expanded by clicking this Link.

“While Parenting…

is exhausting, this precious time flies past at the speed of light.”

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Don’t overlook a parenting solution just because it is clear, direct, and simple. Those are the solutions that work the best.

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