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Parenting 101 Success: About Us


‘Parenting 101 Success’ is about ‘All Things Family.’

With professional experience, life observation, and listening, Parenting 101 Success strives daily to support the family via the parents, as they seek to discover the knowledge, confidence, and know-how to make family decisions in our fast-paced world.

Parenting 101 Success: About Us

Some of our Goals are…

  •   To encourage the health and well-being of the whole family, as they go about the job of teaching and training the children through development into well-adjusted and happy adults.
  •   To add confidence to the development and growth of the children, and the adults in the family with knowledge, options, and action steps.
  •   To help parents discover that they are People, too
  •   To minimize and/or eliminate Parents Stress

Some of our active topics are…

  • Behavior Problems
    • Discipline
  • Child Safety
  • Home security
  • Product Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Tutoring
  • Early Childhood Learning
  •   Electronics & Technology
    • Internet
    • iPad
    • Cell phones
    • Home entertainment
    • Home computing
  • Extended family
    • Family village
    • Grandparents
  •   Finances
  •   Home environment
  •   Media & Influence
  • Relationship
    • Single Parents
    • Adult Children
    • Aging Parents
    • Divorce
    • Single Parenting
  •   Time Management

To Your Parenting Success!


Hello, my name is Nancy Sander.

I have been a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois, USA. I have 18 years of experience within the ‘not-for-profit’ arena. My years of experience include supporting people through life changes, dealing with trauma, foster care, criminal justice, addiction, family intervention, family and couples counseling, and other areas too numerous to mention here. Because of these experiences, I am focusing my attention on the support of the parents. I am excited to be offering free information and online parenting courses individualized to specific parenting problems. Oftentimes, parents are weighted down by the expectations of others, and thus lose sight of their own existing skills, and goals. I have seen this hurt the children, the parents, and the entire family. Like everyone else, all parents, children, and families can benefit from improvement. That is truly the way of the world. Parents can build on their skills, family goals, and their intention to be successful parents, and develop new and even more successful parenting solutions for their whole family. Just a few pointers, a heads-up to the pitfalls to avoid, and parents will be on their way to efficient and effective parenting solutions. Some famous person of the past said something like, “Information and knowledge is power.” Information, knowledge, and experience will definitely build confidence in ones own abilities. The more successful and confident parents become, the more successful and confident adults children will develop into.

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Nancy Sander, Author.

Nancy Sander,


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