Advice on Raising Good Cyber Citizens

Advice on Raising Good Cyber Citizens Online

Fiona Baker suggests 7 points of Advice on Raising Good Cyber Citizens Online. These are great ways to start a conversation with your children about cyber safety. Ms. Baker is writing today for the Herald Sun ( out of Melbourne, Australia. It seems that Ms. Baker is consistently straightforward and her advice is relevant and current.

As usual, there is an excerpt and Link to the original source below.


Advice on Raising Good Cyber Citizens Online

“Raising good cyber citizens”

“TEACHING children online etiquette and how to look after their digital footprint keeps them – and others – safe. Three teenage boys sit in a car on the way to weekend sport. The radio news is reporting the recent sentencing of a 20-year-old man who put …”

“…it’s nasty and mean, but no-one should face jail because of what they put on their own Facebook page.”

“These boys know all the best apps, can install the latest software and would be bereft without social media – but what many kids, and their parents, don’t know is that using free online expression can get you into trouble.”

“Rosalie O’Neale, a senior advisor to the government-run Cybersmart education program, says …”

“”Parents need to be up to speed with …””

“With more than 80 per cent of children aged five to 14 online regularly, parents need to …”

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This website has a few other relevant posts on children learning all aspects of online safety for themselves, the parents, and others using the Internet. The first five Links are free articles on this website. The last Link is to a webpage introducing online educational games and    fun activities.

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