Are Temper Tantrums Normal?

Are Temper Tantrums Normal? Discover more about temper tantrums of children.

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“Temper Tantrums Are Not the Norm, Study Says” by Nikki Tucker in Medical Daily online.

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“Normal Tot or Problem Child? Tantrum Frequency Holds Clues” by Rachael Rettner in My Health News Daily online is the final excerpt for this post.


Are Temper Tantrums Normal?

Are Temper Tantrums Normal“Temper Tantrums Are Not the Norm, Study Says”

“Does your child habitually cry, yell and swing his or her arms and legs viciously? Does he or she bite, hit and/or pinch? If yes, your child may be having yet another temper tantrum. Research suggests temper tantrums in infants may signal early mental health problems.”

“Mental health experts at Northwestern University created a questionnaire exclusively designed to determine moderate to severe misbehavior among children. This questionnaire will be able to predict and identify mental health problems as well as assist physicians to provide early treatment. Early treatment is essential to ward off chronic mental health problems in the future.”

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Are Temper Tantrums Normal?

“Normal Tot or Problem Child? Tantrum Frequency Holds Clues”

Are Temper Tantrums Normal

“It’s common for young children to have a temper tantrum from time to time, but daily tantrums are uncommon enough to be a possible sign of worrisome behavior problems, a new study finds.”

“Based on a survey of nearly 1,500 parents, the study found that 84 percent of preschool kids had thrown a tantrum within the past month, but just 8.6 percent had daily tantrums.”

“That finding indicates that, even in young children, daily tantrums are not typical and may suggest deeper problems, said study researcher Lauren Wakschlag of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.”

“The finding is part of larger research looking at what exactly distinguishes “normal” tantrums from problematic behaviors that may be early signs of mental health issues.”

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Are Temper Tantrums Normal

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