Are you a Tiger Mother?

Are you a Tiger Mother?Are you a Tiger Mother? Professor Desiree Qin (Michigan State University) talked to the Asian Scientist Magazine ( about her research, “East-West styles of parenting and her thoughts on the ‘Tiger Mother’ controversy.” (Copyright: Asian Scientist Magazine) Rebecca Lim reports on very effectively on this topic to all mothers and parents.

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Are you a Tiger Mother?

“When Amy Chua released her memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother last year, detailing her hardline parenting techniques and suggesting that these are responsible for the academic success of Asian children in the West, it raised not only…”

“Now, such concerns have been validated by China-born Assistant Professor Desiree Baolian Qin of Michigan State University, whose research has found that high-achieving Chinese-American students were more depressed and anxious, had lower self-esteem, and experienced more conflict with their parents than their Caucasian peers.“

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Are you a Tiger Mother?With the grade point averages falling in the US, and school districts teaching to pass the minimum achievements tests, is it any wonder that a controversy has arisen between staunch advocates of protecting, and/or salvaging the emotional health of children, and advocates of raising the achievement scores and success rates of our American youth? Here is a professional who is knowledgeable in both the Asian culture and the emotional health of children. This is very interesting information.

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