Brain Development in Children

In the day to day pressures of raising children, Brain Development in Children can be forgotten. I have found an interesting paper by Megan Brooks in MedScape.

Brain Development in Children
The paper refers to a study led by Dr. Joan Luby, MD, a professor of child psychiatry and director of the Early Emotional Development Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and in printed in Med _________________________________________________________________

Brain Development in Children

“Early Nurturing Boosts Brain Development”

“February 1, 2012 — Early maternal support and nurturing has a strong positive effect on brain development in young children, new research shows. In a longitudinal study, researchers found that supportive care-giving during the preschool years predicted …”
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Brain Development in ChildrenWhen today’s nuclear family design differs from that of the past, the terms ‘mothering’ and ‘maternal support’ seem to be general terms now a days. Many working families with a lower income and less formal education have become matriarchal. Other extended family members have become guardians. It is not always the male or father in particular that is the ‘bread winner.’ So, as you are reading this fascinating information, keep your position in the family in mind. You may be the Grandmother or Father who is doing the primary ‘mothering’ for Parenting Young Children.

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Let me know if this paper was of any value to you, when considering the Brain Development of your children. Also, please include how it was of value, or how it fell short of your expectations.

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