Building a Healthy Family

Parenting Strategies for Building a Healthy Family

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The Amazon Kindle Book “Parenting Strategies for Building a Healthy Family” By Nancy Sander provides a look at the goals and values set in the family by the parents or primary caregivers.

Parenting Strategies for Building a Healthy_Family

This book offers confidence and peace of mind by presenting definitions, descriptions, and guidelines to assist you creating your parenting strategies for establishing your healthy family.

You will find charts, lists, and a quick quiz for Functional and Dysfunctional family attitudes and behaviors. The factors presented in the quiz may help you solidify family goals and values. With knowledge, parents’ stress is eased and confident choices emerge.

You will also discover 12 Character Traits of Healthy Parenting and Family Life to discover your strengths and your weaknesses.

Identify the areas in which your family is functioning well. Use these areas to boost those areas that are in need of improvement. If your family is not running smoothly, then a change is in order.

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“Parenting Strategies for Building a Healthy Family”

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