Childhood Diabetes and Type 2 Statistics

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Childhood Diabetes and Type 2 StatisticsDiabetes is a serious disease that effects hundred of thousands of people worldwide. It would seem that in addition to eating habits, genetics, and lifestyle, certain groups of people have an increased risk of this condition. Discover three extra health risks to children from type 2 diabetes by reading the excerpt below and going to the original webpage at Emax Health online. Deborah Mitchell has put together the condensed fact from new research from the University of Texas (UT) pediatricians.


Childhood Diabetes and Type 2 Statistics

Children with Type 2 Diabetes Face 3 Extra Health Risks”

“Type 2 diabetes, once seen primarily among adults, is now developing in a growing number of children. A new study points out that children with type 2 diabetes face 3 extra health risks compared with individuals who acquire the disease as adults, and those risks carry lifetime consequences.”

“However, certain ethnic groups are more likely to develop the disease than others.”

“Now in this latest study, headed by University of Texas (UT) pediatricians, it’s been reported that children with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of developing at least three serious problems faster and at a greater rate than are people who develop type 2 diabetes as adults.”

“Those complications are:”

“The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing data from 699 children and adolescents.”

“According to Jane Lynch, MD, the study’s principal investigator in the San Antonio arm of the study and a professor of pediatric endocrinology in the School of Medicine at UT Health Science Center, “What’s especially challenging for these children is that many also develop fatty liver, which limits our use of the drugs that control hypertension.””

“How to combat child type 2 diabetes”

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Children with Type 2 Diabetes Face 3 Extra Health Risks


Just the thought of Childhood Diabetes and Type 2 Statistics is scary. Parents cannot follow the kids around all day, but having been forewarned and forearmed with information, the whole family can eat healthier. The older the child the easier it will be for them to get either the unhealthy foods that they have become accustomed to, or to just eat as they please as part of their process of individuation… and because it tastes good. With the younger children parents have a higher probability of teaching healthful eating habits.

Knowledge is power, if you take action.

Eating habits and activity levels have dropped for our ever increasingly technological society.

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UT Medicine – Health Science Center – San Antonio, Texas

To Your Parenting Success!

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