Childhood Obesity and the Breathe of Life

Childhood Obesity and the Breathe of LifeThe world is full of amazing information. A Dr. Holly Phillips talks to the co-hosts of the  “CBS  This Morning” show about Childhood Obesity and the Breathe of Life. There was a new research study , and one of the authors is Dr. Naim Alkhouri, who is the ‘director of the pediatric preventive cardology and metabolic clinic at the Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital.’

The written article by Ryan Jaslow is on the CBS News webpage, and the link directly to that article is below the excerpt further down this page.

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“A breath test may soon be able to diagnose and even predict serious health problems. Dr. Holly Phillips talks to the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts about the new technology.”

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Childhood Obesity and the Breathe of Life

“Obese kids have different breath than skinny ones, study says”

“A child’s breath may reveal risk for diseases years before he or she gets sick.”

“Breath from obese children appears to contain different chemical compounds than the breath of non-obese kids, a researcher has discovered. He hopes his study could one day pave the way for a breath test at the pediatrician’s office instead of a painful blood test, he said.”

“Alkhouri and his team asked 60 overweight and obese kids to breathe into a specialized collection bag as if it was a balloon, and then asked 55 lean children to do the same.”

“A doctor can also determine whether a person is obese with a scale and a quick once-over, so what’s the benefit of the breath tests?”

  • “First-ever health guidelines issued for diabetic kids”

  • “Breath test may be able to detect colorectal cancer”

  • “Smaller plates at meals may curb weight gain in kids”

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Childhood Obesity and the Breathe of LifeWho knew that these were connected?

Part of the education I received in order to practice therapy, counseling, and educational activities with parents, families, and teens was learning to read and understand research and statistics. My first impression is that this ‘preliminary’ study is too small  and too limited geographically for generalizing  to a larger population. Nevertheless, (I love this word.) It is intriguing.

You can read the abstract by clicking this link…

DDW 2013
Digestive Disease Week…

At the bottom of this page, you will find a listing of the pharmaceutical companies involved in this ‘preliminary’ research. This is important to note.

Our understanding is that this material has yet to be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Here are the CBS News links for more information on the points identified in the excerpt above.

Guidelines Issued for Diabetic Kids…

Detect Colorectal Cancer

Curb Weight Gain in Kids

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