Children and Media Influence

Children and Media Influence | Parenting 101 SuccessIs the media Parenting Your Child? I believe the answer is, YES. Children and Media Influence is an everyday issue, 24/7. The TV has become as common as breathing. While it is on, we hardly pay attention to all that appears across the screen.

One of the young teens (Teens are a especially susceptible age) a young man I had worked with (He was 14.) made an odd face several times in a conversation. It was as if he was punctuating, or emphasizing his words with his face. I was having a hard time understanding these facial expressions. Then one day I came across someone watching wrestling on the TV. Oh my… There was one of the top wrestling stars making that same facial expression. I had been trying to find a diplomatic way to approach these facial mannerisms to no avail. Adults can humiliate teens very easily with their words. Here was a young man in trouble, trying to fit in, using this very facial mannerism to ingratiate himself to others. All the while, he was not realizing that I had no idea what he was doing. The wonders of TV…

Children and Media Influence

Imagine if there was an extra adult in your home parenting your child. Every day from dawn to dusk, this person would give your kids information on everything from school work to more personal issues, like dating and relationships.

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Children and Media Influence | Parenting 101 SuccessWhat about your children? Children and Media Influence… Have you looked into what your child is watching on TV? Don’t leave the media un-chaperoned Parenting Your Child. There are parental controls for both the TV and the computer your child uses. If your child is more advance with electronics than you are, spend some time getting up to speed. Of course, if your child is a teen, their computer may be out of your reach. You’ll have to use other means to minimize the influence of the media via TV, can computer.

Does the media influence children? Is that influence ‘good’ or ‘bad?’

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