Children are Eating Tide Pods

Children are Eating Tide Pods Laundry Detergent USAUPDATE: May 24, 2012 (Video added; Text added; Opinion added; Pictures added) Scott Gordon reports that Children are Eating Tide Pods Laundry Detergent USA. The text is short, but parents beware.

Brian Curtis and Meredith Land from NBC Digital News Channel announces Gordon Scott from NBC 5 live in Fort Worth Texas in an online video.

An excerpt of the text is below. The video, courtesy of NBC News embed code online, is below the text.


Children are Eating Tide Pods Laundry Detergent USA

“Children Mistaking Detergent for Candy”

“Poison control centers are warning parents about concentrated single-dose laundry detergent after children …”

“Children who eat detergent pods often require hospitalization, with symptoms ranging from vomiting to trouble breathing.”

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This is the Mom in the video…

“Schmidel said it’s up to parents to keep their children away from the detergent.”


Children are Eating Tide Pods Laundry Detergent USAThe Mom in the video says that it is up to parents to keep vigilant about the dangers to small children. And so we are ultimately responsible for the safety of our children. Yet, the Moms that I know do not need to have their laundry detergent in primary colors in a plastic jug shaped like a candy jar to be attracted to the convenience of single use packaging. The coloring of this product and the shape of the plastic jar it comes in is blatantly disregarding the safety of small children in favor of utilizing the psychological effects of color and shape to gain $$ increased profits $$. It shouts irresponsibility. I, for one, am quite capable of retrieving single use packets from a typically shaped cardboard laundry detergent box. I do not need, nor does the earth, the plastic jar that if not recycled, will outlast the redwoods in California.

In case you did not know, the advertising agencies used by manufacturers rely intensely on psychological data gathered about the buying habits of their target market. This includes color, shape, placement, and precise wording, to name only a few. Manufacturers pay millions of dollars yearly for such information. The buyer beware! What was it that P.T. Barnum said? Wasn’t it… “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Don’t you be one at the expense of your children.

I am not in advertising, yet I have utilized psychological principles and methodologies in leading, influencing, and motivating the clients entrusted into my care in a long-term adolescent treatment facility for 10 years.

Beware! Be aware that this product, while convenient, is most likely twice if not three times the cost of other single use laundry detergents. High cost and danger, too; what a deal!

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6 thoughts on “Children are Eating Tide Pods

  1. My daughter was in the store yesterday and my 2-year old granddaughter spotted these detergent “treats”, got one out (not clear to me if the bag or container was open or not) and squeeze it. The “juice” went into her eyes, and burned them. Hopefully she will recover. My daughter knows to watch out for dangers in the home, and knows to watch out for kids grabbing candy at the checkout, but was simply unaware of the dangers lurking in the cleaining products aisle.

    • OMG! I am so sorry to hear of your granddaughter’s suffering. Why would Tide Pods be on the shelf for children to spot? In case anyone didn’t know stores place items on child height shelves (the lower shelves) intentionally; kids cereals are on the lower shelves, etc. This is marketing.

      This incident could easily be repeated in the home. My children were always with me in the laundry room; I suspect that this is true for many homes.

      Thank you for your comment. Hopefully others will see your additional warning. This is clearly an unsafe laundry product.

  2. Well of course a child is going to think its candy! Children don’t know ANYTHING about the world around them. Thats why its up to you, the “parent” (the adult, with knowledge and experience in this game called life) to teach, and show the child the dangers of life, AND the skills needed to prepare them for their life. Remember when you thought so many household cleaners, and medicines were candy or something yummy to drink? Well now you know to stay clear from them because you were told what they were.

    And don’t just grunt the word “no” at them. I see MANY parent do this. Say no, and explain why they can’t touch or eat it. Show them the package, read the warning label with them. They won’t understand it the first time, so remind them, and ask them questions.

    • Good afternoon, Ruby! Thanks for your input; it is appreciated. Are you willing to tell us a little about yourself? How you developed your confidence as a parent? It just might be helpful to those parents struggling to take a positive stand in the family. To Everyone’s Parenting Success!

  3. So who and where are the parents? Makes one want to remove all the warnings so natural selection can make us a smarter people!!

    • A little harsh, don’t you think? Not everyone is super smart, nor can everyone mentally process through to the outcome of every action. Not that product manufacturers can do more than warn, yet they do not have to use visual shelf advertising tactics that appeal to the unthinking and children (when it is not a children’s product). To Everyone’s Parenting Success!

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