Children with Chronic Stress

Peter Criscione presents a short article on Childhood Development and Children with Chronic Stress in the Brampton Guardian online ( from Brampton, Ontario. He reports that “A little tension in our lives isn’t all that bad. But…“

This article covers a lecture given in the Brampton area. It discusses the effects of chronic stress on Childhood Development and future success as adults. The experiences that we have as children shape how our brain develops and how we choose our behaviors later in life. Read on…


Childhood Development and Children with Chronic Stress

Childhood Development and Children with Chronic Stress

“How children cope with stress is key: expert”

“But ‘toxic’ stress can make us physically sick, says a renowned neuroscientist, whose research suggests how we learn to deal with anxiety as children can have a lasting impact on our bodies and brains.“

““Experiences shape the process that determines whether a child’s brain will provide a strong or weak foundation for future learning behaviour and health,” said Dr. Bruce McEwen…”

Understanding the basic principles of Childhood Development is key to understanding how to effectively support healthy Childhood Development. Click this Link to see a condensed version and explanation of Erikson’s Stage of Childhood Development.
“Developmental Stages of Childhood”

“Early childhood experiences, according to McEwen, are key in setting the level of responsiveness of physical stress mechanisms, and the physical and mental ability to manage behaviour.”

“Specifically, children who learn to cope with stress early are more likely to solve problems successfully and…”

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Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D., the presenter of this lecture talking about Childhood Development, can be located at The Rockefeller University, Science for the benefit of humanity, where he is a professor. Here is a Link to begin your research: Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D.

As we all know and have experienced, chronic stress can be debilitating. This is an interesting topic, and great food for thought. Just how do parents support healthy Childhood Development and aid Children in learning how to manage stress? There are good points in this article; however, reading the material from Professor McEwen will be even more enlightening.

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