Correcting Childrens Behavior Problems with Character Building

In the Times-Republican ( out of Marshalltown, Iowa comes a man, Harry Patton, who is willing to take a stand. He has clarified his views on Correcting Childrens Behavior Problems with Character Building. He has posted online a piece about ‘moral guidelines’ for character building.

He makes a very strong point for using ‘moral guidelines’ in the parenting of our children;  Click the Link below…

Correcting Childrens Behavior Problems with Character Building

Childrens Behavior Problems | Parenting 101 Success

“…with all that has been said so far on early childhood learning ability, nothing has been said of moral guidelines, to develop character to know right from wrong, how to conduct yourself, how to interact with other children.”

“Good behavior can be taught to children. How well I know, as a 5 or 6 year old boy, visiting relatives, I was curious of what was in the kitchen drawers, I found a nickel in one drawer, received a timely lecture regarding the taking of someone else’s …”

Moral and/or ethical guidelines for Childrens Behavior Problems can be a slippery slope. I have several papers written about Childrens Behavior Problems and Discipline.

“My father, a good man lacked discipline in his emotions, having fits of anger now and then, was disruptive to our family. Likewise, children learn proper behavior from those around them. Hopefully…”
“Now we face the fact that there are thousands of homes where the fathers are not there to help and guide their children…”
“…I first would sense the pain and heartache as I looked into their faces and to know their regret…”
“I was there to let them know that there was a better road to follow.”

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I hardily agree with the stand Harry Patton is taking in his piece on parenting solutions by using ‘moral guidelines’ for parenting and teaching children.

The main problem that I have encountered in my 18 years of working with troubled youth, families, and parents is the defining of ‘moral guidelines.’ Depending on cultural background, nationality, religious and spiritual beliefs, there remains a huge variance in that which is ‘moral.’ Parenting children to avoid the pitfalls of our blended and yet subdivided America can be confusing to say the least, and hazardous at worst.

So, as an ‘American culture,’ how do we avoid, minimize, or eliminate Childrens Behavior Problems?

 Please share your opinion, your ideas, your questions, and ‘Do yo have answers for Childrens Behavior Problems?

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