Dealing with Parents Stress to Release Anger

Dealing with Parents Stress to Release AngerWhen you arrive home after a hectic day of endless deadlines and your boss had been breathing down your neck all day, having to deal with your angry children is over the top stressful. Directly Dealing with Parents Stress to Release Anger and frustration is the way to go.

No matter the age of your children, they have stressors that similarly overwhelm them. Children get stressed, frustrated, and angry, too. Their stressors are different, of course. Remember that their stressors age dependent on their age. Your children bring home stress from school; just the same as you bring stress home from work.

Ultimately, children learn from your responses to stress, and repeat those responses. The old adage… ‘xxxx rolls down hill,’ does apply. If you are unconsciously taking out your frustration on others in your household, your children will take their frustrations out on others as well.

A frequent human response to stress is anger. This holds true for many children as well as adults. Unfortunately, it can become a terrible mistake to bring that frustration home, and to vent out their anger on, or even near your children. If you have ever done this or have found yourself on the brink of doing this, then it is time to look for some effective ways on how you can manage your frustration and anger.

Dealing with Parents Stress to Release AngerYour children can tell be your body language that all is not right with the world. Keep in mind that angry parents make angry children. The better you are at coping with your stress and anger, the better attitude your children have as well. You are also teaching them through example.

Angry Parents make Angry Children

Here are 4 Tips for Dealing with Parents Stress to Release Anger and Frustration without inappropriately releasing that anger on others.

Tip #1: Take some time to relax with, or vent through talking with another understanding adult.

Tip #2: Relax your mind; relax your mind. You might want to have a warm bath or to read a magazine as your spouse attends to your kids. Even taking 15 minutes away from everything will help to put a barrier between work and home. You cannot deal with frustrated children, when you are ‘on your last nerve.’

Tip #3: Another way to release your stress and to avoid raising your kids to be angry children is to teach them what anger management skills that you use to release all of your frustration from work, etc. Helping will expend energy and dissipate it. Some examples that may work with children are

  • deep breathing,
  • taking at time out,
  • taking a walk,
  • talking to their parents, and
  • Reading quietly.

Tip #4: Get adequate rest. Create a schedule and an atmosphere that is conducive to rest. Naps and an appropriate bedtime for the kids, and a realistic schedule and bed time for you. This is not a sometimes proposition, make it a routine. I know that your lives are hectic. Maybe the   dishes can be done as a family affair. Maybe they can wait until tomorrow. Your family’s health and stability should take precedence. Sometimes our children’s lives are too hectic. Help them out be not demanding a ‘million’ extracurricular activities. The better rested you and your children are, the better everyone will be able to deal with the stresses and challenges of today’s living. Getting adequate rest ensures that you are always energized, and are able to cope with life. Then spending quality time with your kids will be part of the process of dealing with your own frustrations as well as the frustration of your children.

These are few ideas for your thoughtful consideration. The goal is to raise your kids to be happy, well adjusted, and pleasant children. By doing everything you can to be a healthy adult and parent, you will be helping your children to grow into the best individuals possible.

Now you will be able to listen to your angry child. Before you can determine any action step, it is best to let the child vent. Make certain that everyone safe, that means no throwing things or hitting. Parents try not to raise your voice, if possible.

When your stress and anger are properly managed, you will be able to find the time to play with your kids, ask them how their day has been, and be better at disciplining them or supporting them in their own problem solving.

Take it an idea at a time and use patience, stay calm, and get support when necessary.

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