Developmentally Disabled Children Bullied

Developmentally Disabled Children Bullied Out of many activities. Teach children to avoid this behavior by having community involvement in learning through the arts as in this post about a play in Arizona.

There is a theatre production entitled, “The Boy with No Name,” with is written by Ev Miller. In the excerpt below, there is an explanation of the drama that unfolds. Corianna Lee and Doug Harding are co-directing the production at the BlackBox Theatre. I have a quote from Corianna Lee in the excerpt below.

The discussion of this production appears in the Casa Grande Dispatch from online webpage. Logan Salmons, a staff writer for the Casa Grande Dispatch Is the author of and commenter tin this piece. TriValey Central has publications in several cities in Arizona, Casa Grande, Arizona City, Coolidge, Eloy, Florence, Maricopa.

Maybe we can’t be like the dolls below, holding hands and smiling all the time, but we can sure set that as a goal.

Developmentally Disabled Children Bullied Out


Developmentally Disabled Children Bullied Out

 “’Boy With No Name’ deals with issues facing special-needs children, families”

“The theater again proves to be a powerful tool to enrich and touch the lives of others.”

“Eddie,” the protagonist of this drama is…

“… a challenged young man. Blessed with a healthy 18-year-old body and a winning disposition, he is also developmentally disabled, having the intellectual capacity of an 8-year-old. His mother, wrestling with guilt over Eddy’s condition, retreats into the anguished world of abusive behavior and tranquilizers. A visit by Eddy’s aunt and cousin almost ignites this volatile situation into a family tragedy.”

“Lee began searching for scripts in the spring and came across the drama, which she said instantly touched her, having taught special education for a total of nine years and done case management.”

““It was something I related to so personally and knew the community would be very affected by it, so I knew right away this was something I wanted to get involved in,” Lee said.”

““The hardest part is getting these guys to commit to their characters and understand them,” Lee said. “And it’s pushing and challenging me as a director, which is good. I need this to be as realistic as possible because if there are any inconsistencies, the power of the story won’t come through.””

“““I’m hoping that people understand that this is a real situation and that it happens,” Cody Kile said.“ [Cody Kile is the actor who plays (the protagonist, Eddie) Eddie’s father.] I want more than anything for people to understand that people who look or act different have emotions and feelings too and that they actually understand what’s happening to and around them.”””

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The arts have taken an economic hit, as has everything else. This type of production through community theatre is avenue to explore to bring involvement, education, and entertainment to your community. Put a stop to, or at least, a blockade to discrimination and cruel behaviors of community members, including teens and children. Teach a message – Your community will not tolerate Developmentally Disabled Children Bullied Out of anything.

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