Discipline Ideas for Children Who Lie

Fabricating lies is a natural part of childhood. However, it does rest heavily on the parents of young children to ‘teach’ the avoidance of lying…

So, to further that end, here are 10 Discipline Ideas for Children Who Lie.

Discipline Ideas for Children Who Lie

Now the original title uses the word ‘punishments.’ Discipline is teaching and training, depending on the age of the child. So as you read through these 10 discipline ideas on how to stop children from lying,  decide what it is that you want to teach your children.


Discipline Ideas for Children Who Lie

“10 Punishments for Kids Caught in a Lie”

“The entire topic of lying is a complicated one for parents to tackle, as the social necessity of tiny “white lies” makes the subject a murky one for kids to grasp. One thing that all parents agree on, regardless of parenting style, is the need to teach children that blatant dishonesty for personal gain is wrong. For repeat offenders, here are ten ways to teach the consequences of lying.”

  1. “Question Everything – Putting the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf into action, one way to impress the importance of honesty on a child is to vocally question other claims. When even their sincere statements are met with skepticism, kids are likely to be more careful in the future to tell the truth.”

  2. Make it Personal – Some kids respond better to …”

Find 10 more discipline (not punishment) ideas for children caught in a lie…


I realize that it is frustrating and embarrassing when your children are caught lying. However, it is not your future, or present that is in question. These Discipline Ideas for Children Who Lie are meant as a starting point only.

You, as the parent, will ultimately be responsible for making the decisions for all disciplinary actions taken.

Ask yourself these questions…

What do I want my child to learn?


How will I teach that?

To Your Parenting Success!

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