Discipline Philosophy for Young Children

Have you thought through Your Discipline Philosophy for Young Children? Discipline, that is, teaching and training can be straightforward, if not easy. There are some components required in effective discipline. I found, with the help of Roxanne Porter, a down to earth list of those components for you. They appear on a website for nannies (NannyJobs.org). Hurray! Nannies are learning what all parents would benefit from learning. There are 10 components to effective discipline philosophy on that webpage. Read; enjoy!


Your Discipline Philosophy for Young ChildrenYour Discipline Philosophy for Young Children


“Children may be born sweet and innocent angels, but they never stay that way for long. Before you know it their actions and reactions go from cute to horrifying, and you may find yourself in a bit of a conundrum over how to react.”

“1. Consequences – Children need to learn at an early age that there are consequences for bad behavior and also what to expect when they act up. Just be sure that the punishment fits the crime.”

“2. Boundaries – Parents should set age appropriate boundaries for their children and effectively communicate to them what they are. If they’re too young for a certain piece of playground equipment, let them know not just that it’s off limits for now, but also why it’s off limits. Kids won’t know they’re misbehaving if they don’t know what their limits are.”

“3. Consistency – Discipline won’t be effective unless parents are consistent. Young children will always be testing their limits, and if you continually change the way you react, they’ll never know if they truly are doing something wrong or not.”

“Young children are naturally impulsive and curious, so it’s important that parents set guidelines and discipline standards for both their safety and development.”

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Don’t dismiss these components just because the list is short and uncomplicated. Un-complicate Your Discipline Philosophy for Young Children. Read the remaining components by clicking the source link.

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