Effective Discipline for School Aged Children

Effective Discipline for School Aged Children

Our neighbors to the north have revived an idea for Effective Discipline for School Aged Children. Jeff Maguire, a Canadian journalist, wrote a piece in the ‘Perth – EMC’ (online) relating to school uniforms as a part of this effective discipline.

I searched around 3 relevant pages on this website, but was unable to locate a description for the website or its physical address. The information in this piece remains valuable for consideration. Our neighbors to the north are our closest mirror image of cultural relevance. This piece is therefore worth the time for comparison.

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Effective Discipline for School Aged Children

Effective Discipline for School Aged Children

“Uniforms one step in returning discipline to schools”

“… effort to help bring some discipline into a system which appears to be sadly lacking in that department.”

“I first became hooked on this notion after visiting Great Britain in the mid-1990s and having occasion to see school children there in uniform.”

“Education is a provincial responsibility in Canada so circumstances vary from one jurisdiction to the next.“

“I fully realize that the old adage “a uniform doesn’t make the man/woman,” is probably true. But it sure helps! Picture military personnel on parade, the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for example.”

“True, school uniforms aren’t that impressive. Still, I believe they set a certain standard that can’t possibly be ignored.”

“As a journalist and also as someone who is involved with a volunteer committee that organizes international student exchanges, I have opportunities throughout the year to visit local schools and see things up close. There are some noticeable contrasts at the two secondary schools, something I have also heard from colleagues.”

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This piece relates that the provinces in Canada differ in responses to and action towards school age children. This is not so different than it is here in the States (US). So the responsibility for education and the discipline for kids is in the individual hands of each State.

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