Effectively Parenting Young Children

Effectively Parenting Young ChildrenI have located actual research regarding Effectively Parenting Young Children in the Harvard Family Research Project, which has printed a summarized version of this research in a Family Involvement Research Digests (Harvard Graduate School of Education). Susan Landry, Karen E. Smith, Paul R. Swank, Tricia Zucker, April D. Crawford, & Emily Solari are identified as having worked on this project.

There is a plethora of unusable information for parents, sometimes too theoretical, unreachable, and others too simplified. . This material has some interesting and thought provoking statements, which will help improve your stress free parenting skills.

I have place an excerpt from the Introduction to this summary below. This is easy to read material.

What’s your opinion?

Effectively Parenting Young Children

“The Effects of a Responsive Parenting Intervention on Parent–Child Interactions during Shared Book Reading”


“Responsive parenting is the use of warm and accepting behaviors to respond to children’s needs and signals. This type of parenting is critically important to young children’s development: When parents use these behaviors, a child experiences acceptance of his or her uniqueness. In turn, this encourages a child to continue to communicate his or her needs and interests and to engage in learning interactions. The support associated with responsiveness helps children internalize what they learn in interactions with their caregivers and generalize it to new experiences.”

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Please go and read this material. You will be enlightened by the crisp clear fundamentals and concepts summarized.

Be assured that this material is easy to read. It supports many of the considerations for Successful Parenting Solutions that I have presented in other papers written from my professional experience. There were especially impressive results demonstrated with improved problem solving, language, and social skill of the children in this research study.

Don’t miss out on enhancing your cache of Successful Parenting Solutions, and skills.

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