Eliminate Bullying Forever

Recently in the Huff Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com) Parents section, Richard Weissbourd and Stephanie M. Jones reported on Lady Gaga’s interest and efforts to Eliminate Bullying Forever.

Eliminate Bullying ForeverThere has always been bullying. It was tolerated in the distant past, I suspect, due to parents focus not understanding how to deal with children, or to teach better social skills. In those years past, some kids outgrew bullying others did not. This is evident in today’s tolerance of bullying. Those is power tend to bully those not in power; this includes children and adults. Awareness is growing. Lady Gaga, The Huffington Post, and these authors are spreading the word.

Read the excerpt below and then go to the original post to read it at length.

Eliminate Bullying Forever

“As a good deal of research now indicates, we live in an era when many parents are intensely focused on their children’s self-esteem, happiness and achievements, not on how well they care for others. And in all sorts of subtle ways we can prioritize …”

Not only is there is problem of Eliminating Bullying, there is the aftermath of the intense angry and frustrated feeling of the children that are bullied. Perhaps Dealing with Angry Children is part of the solution; the empowerment of our children and helping children to problem-solve.

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“On Feb. 29, Lady Gaga will launch a foundation dedicated to creating caring communities and stopping bullying. Hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard’s Berkman Center, Lady Gaga will be joined by Oprah and other celebrities.”

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I must say that I do not know much about the prevention of bullying. I do understand that bullying left unchecked will grow mean spirited adults and release them into a world already saturated with power hungry sadistic people. Twisted.

Today is a good day as any to discover more about our shared responsibility to reject separatism and view ‘the children’ as part of our larger village. All children everywhere deserve to grow and develop in an oppression free environment.

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