Eliminate Disrespect

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“Effective Discipline for Children Book – Eliminate Disrespect”

Are your children disrespectful? Sometimes? All the time?

A child’s respect, or lack thereof, is generally in the eyes and heart of the adult culture and society.

If your child acts in a way that is ‘disrespectful’ to you or other adults, telling your child that he or she is disrespectful will get you nothing but more disrespect.

Discover the “Effective Discipline for Children Book – Eliminate Disrespect” by Nancy Sander.

The term ‘disrespect’ can mean many different behaviors. I saw a short clip from the TV show ‘Desperate Housewives.’ The Mother was dressed in eveningwear and commended her son to come out of the pool. You know the answer, right? “NO!” She took off her shoes and went into the pool after her son… End of Clip… I don’t know what happened next, but this actress playing the Mother surely took action. This is a definite example of what most American families would consider disrespect.

Disrespectful Behavior

A refusal to comply or acknowledge, lack of cooperation, and dismissive behavior will generally be considered disrespectful, especially in the presence of other adults. These are commonly identified as top parenting problems.

Effectively learning how to use discipline to eliminate disrespectful behavior in children is an ‘essential parenting tool.’ Discipline (teaching and training) starts with you, the parents.

This recently updated Kindle Book will give you quick and easy steps to follow to eliminate disrespectful child behavior and find your own Successful Parenting Solution.

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