Emotional Connection between Parent and Child

Emotional Connection between Parent and ChildI found information clarifying a study recently announced in a public release concerning the Emotional Connection between Parent and Child. Jenna Iacuri has written a piece explaining the results of this study in the website, ‘Parent Herald.’

As usual, I have included an excerpt from that piece below. It will help you to decide if you want to find out more by clicking the links I have provided.



Emotional Connection between Parent and Child

“Kids not close with parents prone to educational and behavioral problems” “… a recent study shows.”

“The report found that out of 14,000 U.S. children, 40 percent lacked strong emotional bonds with their parents, which researchers say can hinder them later in life.”

Discover what Sophie Moullin, a joint doctoral candidate studying at Princeton’s Department of Sociology said… Click this link for a Public Release of information

“Researchers from Princeton University, Columbia University, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Bristol found that kids under 3 years old who don’t develop “secure attachments” with their mothers and fathers are more likely to be aggressive, defiant and hyperactive when they’re adults. They will also have poorer language skills and behavioral problems.”

Discover more… Click this Link…

Emotional Connection between Parent and Child


You will find that some of the information included in this study exploring the Emotional Connection between Parent and Child along with it’s interpretation is already known to you. But perhaps, you did not realize just how much of an impact your attitudes and behaviors will affect your children’s ability to function as adults.

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