Faith Based Healing Deaths

Faith Based Healing Deaths This article from Daily Mail clearly demonstrates how fast news travels. Philadelphia Pensylvania… Two parents are charged with the Faith Based Healing Deaths of both their sons. Apparently, their first son died due to the lack of medical care and now a second son is also dead allegedly from the same cause. They have been charged with murder? No author was credited with this piece; it is noted as being… “By Daily Mail Reporter.”

This is my opinion…

I cannot fathom how any parent can stand by and watch their children die.


Faith Based Healing Deaths

“Faith-healing parents charged with MURDER after second child died in their home from pneumonia without getting medical help while they were on probation over death of first son”

“Autopsy report showed Brandon Schaible died from bacterial pneumonia in April, and his death was ruled a homicide”

“Herbert and Catherine Schaible ignored a court order to seek medical care if their children needed it, prosecutors said Wednesday.”

“The requirement was a condition of the probation sentence they received after the 2009 pneumonia death of their toddler son, Kent, four years prior.”

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Faith Based Healing Deaths always make the news.

This is another opinion…

What could compel 2, not only 1 parent, but 2 parents to watch their children die. This is the US, so they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That aside, I believe that God has given us all free will to choose good over evil. And choose we do every day. I am of the personal opinion that each one of us must decide how to worship and how to act upon our beliefs. I also believe in justice and the law. An infant or toddler does not have the ability to choose. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the caregivers, mostly parents, to make all the decisions. Were the parents so afraid of what their church would say that they watched their children die?

I went to the website for the First Century Gospel Church (c) 2013 at

They list themselves with a post office box number in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120. If I am understanding the situation, they rent a building for services…

Here is another quote from the article listed above:

“Schaibles belong to fundamentalist Christian church, which teaches that it’s a sin to rely on modern medicine over prayer”

I could not find anything on the site that would indicate such a tenet. The site lists scripture and their beliefs as ‘basic tenets.’ You can look for yourself.

As with any choice we make, they are based in knowledge and belief, knowledge of how something works, and in the belief that it is true.

In the Bible, it clearly says that God changed after the understanding gained through Jesus. This belief has brought me to believe that God does not intentionally crash airplanes, nor does He want His children to die for any reason. He is Hope, and Love only. How can someone believe that God would allow a child to die, due to the belief of the parent, especially when this belief was that God is all powerful. This is all too much for this space.

I felt compelled to add my comments here.


Here is more information on this topic…

This is an article from the website credited to Mike Newall.

“Pastor: ‘Spiritual lack’ killed two boys”

“The First Century Gospel Church meets for services at a rented hall in Juniata Park. There are no religious symbols or paintings in the hall – no graven images, Pastor Nelson Clark says. (APRIL SAUL / Staff Photographer)”

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