Gay Parents Influence on Children

Gay Parents Influence on Children


The Huffington Post is no stranger to controversy, and no stranger to good writers. A. Chris Gajilan has written an eye opening piece concerning the normality of children being raised by Gay Parents. She is a journalist, television producer and screenwriter, and now she brings us an answer to Gay Parents Influence on Children.

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Gay Parents Influence on Children

“Just moments after our last guests departed, my wife and I basked in the post-party glow of a successfully thrown one-year-old birthday party.”

“In that moment, our chests puffed up with pride for making it through the first year of parenting without breaking our first-born, driving ourselves nuts or becoming a family of recluses who yearned for an affordable and trustworthy babysitter.”

“So, it was during this self-congratulatory mental victory lap, that my mom busted out with a question that hit the room like an anvil/headache/roadside bomb all wrapped up into one.”

“”Aren’t you worried that your daughter (her only grandchild) won’t realize that it’s normal to have a mother and father? How is she going to learn what normal is?” my mother asked in alleged innocence. I must have been looking at her incredulously when she followed up with, “I’m just asking… trust me, I’m not the only one who is wondering.””

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Define ‘normal.’ Of course, Gay Parents Influence on Children can be clearly seen, just as the influence of straight parents can be seen in grammar school age and younger children. As a child reaches and exceeds the age of 12, there are other more powerful influences on their behavior choices. Being Gay is not a choice. The child of Gay parents is not necessarily destined to be Gay or Democrat.

The debate of gay parents having a negative effect on their own children will continue. The parent-child relationship can be a tricky one, even more so with any complicating factor such as terminal illness.

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