Helicopter Parenting and Depression in College Students

Annie Murphy Paul has her own website/blog. She self reports that she is a book author, magazine journalist, consultant and speaker. I suspect that is correct.

Helicopter Parenting and Depression in College StudentsThis piece is short and to the point. She reports on a study, Helicopter Parenting and Depression in College Students, done by colleagues from the University of Mary Washington, and published Journal of Child and Family Studies.

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Helicopter Parenting and Depression in College Students

“What’s Behind The Rise Of The Helicopter Parent?”

“A new study shows that college students with over-controlling parents are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives, reports Rick Nauert on PsychCentral:”

““Experts say this ‘helicopter parenting’ style—hovering over and micro-managing their child’s school and social lives—can negatively affects students’ well-being by …”

“In the new research, Holly Schiffrin and colleagues from the University of Mary Washington examined the effect of parenting behavior on college students’ psychological well-being. The study is published online in the Journal of Child and Family Studies.”

“… lead to negative outcomes in children, including higher levels of depression and anxiety.”

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There always seems to be long term effects to any rigidly use parenting strategy. Helicopter Parenting and Depression in College Students is only one.

Balance, flexibility, and a common sense approach seem to be ever so much more effective.

I can understand why parents may want to adopt the ‘helicopter parenting’ strategy. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, parents want to keep their children safe.

As seem in this study, this approach has extremely long term negative effects.

If the goal is to teach values, and life skills to our children, the consequences of helicopter parenting far out weight it’s value. Humans are naturally programmed to seek independence, autonomy, and self-confidence none of which are achieved through this parenting style.

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Please give us your thoughts on how ‘helicopter parenting’ will affect the parent child relationship?

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