Helicopter Parenting Good or Bad?

Helicopter Parenting Good or Bad?

(Think this might cause a little anxiety?) The magazine Psychology Today has been a great read for many years. Its online version has many topics of current interest and it includes research. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D, has written a piece that by some standards compliments other information included on this website about Helicopter Parenting Good or Bad? and by other standards completely dismisses the information already present on this website.

Here is a short excerpt from the About page of Psychology Today

“… we have gathered renowned academics, psychiatrists, psychologists and authors in our field to contribute their thoughts and ideas on what makes us tick — there are over 750 of them …”

The magazine began it’s life in 1967. It is located in New York, New York.


Helicopter Parenting Good or Bad?

“The Myth of the Helicopter Parent”

“So-called “helicopter parents” are roundly criticized by everyone from teachers to media experts for smothering them with too much loving. If you want to “land your kids in therapy,” according …”

“… keep the hugs and kisses to a minimum and even deny them things once in a while.”

“… so the claim goes.”

Have I intrigued you? Then you must go to the link below to get this author take on ‘helicopter parenting.’

Here are three question the author poses to us. Go to the original source material via the link right below, and read her comments. Then perhaps you can answer her questions.

“So which will it be? Will indulgent parents hurt their children- and themselves? Or will helicoptering young adult children benefit all concerned?”

This is the Copyrighted material of Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. 2013. References are included at the end of her piece.

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It is more than likely a fact that some ‘helicopter parenting’ delivers benefits. So is… Helicopter Parenting Good or Bad?

I still contend that using one style of parenting fits all without taking the individuality of the child, the circumstances, or the parents values may indeed be a mistake. Some children require more     helicoptering than others do. Some children are smothered by it, and learn dependency rather than independent problem solving thought. Being an observant, generous parent does not necessarily equate with over indulgence.

Do your do diligence and get the information that you require to make an informed decision.

Below are links to some of the other information on this website about ‘helicopter parenting.’

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