Helicopter Parenting Young Children 4-9

Helicopter Parenting Young Children 4-9 covers a lot of ground. I do believe that 4 year olds can be more actively in trouble the terrible two’s. Four years olds require watching, nine year olds not so much. The concept of multitasking is not a new phenomenon for women. Mothers tend to be hyper-vigilant. This piece about the interaction between a helicoptering mom and her daughter was written by Meghan Cox Gurdon and appears in The Examiner from Washington DC.

Meghan Cox Gurdon is a former foreign correspondent. She contributes to the ‘books pages’ of the Wall Street Journal.


Helicopter Parenting Young Children 4-9

Helicopter Parenting Young Children 4-9“Even a helicopter parent sometimes misses a landing”

“Helicopter parents may be taking all kinds of risks in their long-term relationships with their children, but there’s one thing about which they can surely feel confident. At no point in the future can their sons and daughters turn around and claim, “You weren’t there for me!””

“One man’s active fathering is another’s man’s idea of child suffocation. What one mother calls smotherly love, another thinks of simply as “hands-on parenting.” And children, especially small ones, tend to adore masses of attention and so probably …”

“… an observer might have noticed that there seemed to be an invisible harness connecting this particular mother and child.”

“… gimlet eye of a weaponized drone! “

“… clicking a button on her iPhone to stop recording video. She turned quickly to sign a card for one of the teachers. At that moment, as fate would have it, the darling child jumped through her last Hula-Hoop and looked up at her No. 1 fan.”

“”Mommy!” the child cried in half-accusing, half-bewildered tones. Her arms dropped to her sides, as if the life had gone out of them.”

The source is Meghan Cox Gurdon of the Washington Examiner online.


I think this columnist is trying to portray Helicopter Parenting Young Children 4-9 with this parent as having created a ‘co–dependent,’ and perhaps an utterly dependent child that is now and will be in the future unable to function successfully as an individual person. If I am correct, then the assumption of the columnist tends to be exaggerated.

It appears that I need to add more information to this website on the phenomenon of helicopter parenting.

Your thoughts on how helicopter parenting will effect the parent child relationship?

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