Help for New Parents

Help for New ParentsKathleen Duff a Lifestyle Columnist at Coloradoan ( has written an article that talks about Help for New Parents. She expresses an old concern of mine that seems to be continuing today. That is, Society and Parents alike expect New Parents to know magically ‘How to Parent’ correctly, perfectly right from the beginning.

Whoa… That just is not so! We are not born with the ability to be a perfect parent, or even a successful one.

Here is a current article talking about the same idea, Help for New Parents.

Help for New Parents

“We train for our jobs. We train for marathons…”

“We train to deal with emergencies.”

“But do we train for parenthood?”

“Becoming a parent, in my opinion, is one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences…”

“Still, some parents-in-waiting are reluctant to seek help. They feel society tells them they must already know the basics of caring for a baby. Far too often, an unspoken message is out there that parenting skills come naturally.”

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There is help in your community.

Some places to start to look are:Help for New Parents

  • Your neighborhood library
    • Reference librarian
    • Bulletin board
  • Your church or one close by
  • A school counselor
  • Your Yellow pages
  • Your family
  • Your friends and neighbors

Notice that I put family, friends, and neighbors last on this short list. It’s not that they do not have helpful and useful information; it is that they may not have helpful and useful information. Sometimes, families, etcetera, haven’t done such a good job of Parenting. No Offense Intended… I trust that none it taken. Just maybe some fresh ideas could be more helpful.

There are books, magazines, and websites online that have the latest and most politically correct information.

Look around, determine what you may need or want, and go get it.

PS: Your family, friends, and neighbors are your best source of physical, mental, and emotional support.

To Your Parenting Success!

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