How Do You Discipline Children?

How Do You Discipline Children? I caught this video on You Tube that asks a very similar question. It was recorded on 6/14/12 and Captured Live on Ustream at channel/jhms.

This is the John Hannah Morning Show – Inspiration 1390 AM Radio at …
WGRB-AM 1390
233 North Michigan Ave, Suite 2700
Chicago, Illinois

It asks the listener a question… Can you answer it?


How Do You Discipline Children?

“Do you discipline your children the way you were disciplined”

This is the website for this AM radio show…    (


How Do You Discipline Children? Do you still use the same methods that your parents used? A better question is… Do your parenting methods work? I am not referring to… Are your children obedient? Are your children ‘well-adjusted’ and on their way to a fulfilled and ‘well-adjusted’ adulthood? You may not really have that answer for some years yet, but these are good questions to ask yourself.


John F. Hannah is the Senior Pastor at the New Life Covenant Church at 5517 S. Michigan, Chicago, Illinois. The church’s stated mission and vision are as follow.

“Our Mission… New Life Covenant Church is a life changing ministry that reflects the Glory of God through Worship, Outreach, Discipleship and Servanthood.”

“Our Vision… To be a multi-cultural, family-oriented and cutting-edge ministry known by its dynamic worship, excellence in management and operations, Christlike character of its members and life changing compassion for people of all backgrounds.”

This is the website address for Pastor’s brief biography.     (

To Your Parenting Success!

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