How to Deal with Children about Rules

How to Deal with Children about Rules

Jon Keller in the CBS Boston website ( in his column “Keller @ Large” commented on write-ups in Associated Press and a past edition of the Washing to Post on How to Deal with Children about Rules.’ He states that perhaps kids need more preaching and not less.

He is focusing on the children’s books the ‘Berenstain Bears.’

Have a look below.

How to Deal with Children about Rules

“Keller @ Large: Maybe We Need More Preaching To Kids, Not Less”

“BOSTON (CBS) – If you have raised a child or even just read to one anytime over the past half-century, chances are you’re familiar with the Berenstain Bears books, a series of children’s stories about a momma bear and poppa bear dealing with the issues …”

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“Listen to Jon’s commentary:” from Jon Keller
“…I was surprised to learn how much heat they took from critics of their very popular series.”
“…it seems that the Berenstain Bears, however inartfully, have been filling a void when it comes to kids learning values, manners, and how to deal with real-life issues.”
““Those hokey bear parents appeared to spend a lot of time trying to teach their cubs good…”
Kids crave guidance about how to behave and what the limits are.”

“Too often… they’re not getting it.”
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Jon Keller talks against the people who, over time, have been ‘slamming’ the Berenstain Bears methods of implanting moral lessons with children. He seems to be disappointed, to say the least, about the negative comments. He talks about a recent incident in which high school girls were fighting, and their peers took video instead on taking any action. He uses this incident as an example of young people having needed more lectures, and not less, as they were growing up.

What do you think about the ‘Berenstain Bears’ book?

We want to hear you opinion about, not necessarily ‘lecturing’ kids, but imparting a moral lesson to children through children’s book (no matter how hokey)?

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