How to Discipline Kids Effectively Quickly

The Times-News online webpage presents a piece by John Rosemond, Family Columnist elaborating on How to Discipline Kids Effectively Quickly. I found it under ‘discipline kids.’ He is justifying his stand on using daylong ostracizing sessions for toddlers in their own room without any entertainment.How to Discipline Kids Effectively Quickly

So be it. Read; think; research; decide. Your Link to the original post is below the excerpt.


How to Discipline Kids Effectively QuicklyHow to Discipline Kids Effectively Quickly

“Flyswatters won’t work against charging elephants”

“I occasionally receive complaints from fellow mental health professionals that my approach to discipline is excessively punitive.”

“The most recent accused me of actually recommending that 3-year-olds spend as much as a full day in their …”

“To set the record straight, I have no problem assigning a 3-year-old to his room for more than one day; up to several days, in fact. During this internment, said child is allowed to join the family for meals and outings, go to preschool or school, and accompany parents on errands when he cannot be left home.”

“Otherwise, he’s in his room, which has been stripped of “entertainment value.” To relieve his boredom, his parents put him to bed immediately after the evening meal. At bedtime, they read him a story, talk a while, and tuck him in lovingly.”

“One can be reasonably certain that the room in question is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer; that it is vermin-free, contains a comfortable, clean bed, and has windows that look out on the world. I submit that the child so restricted is still living better than most of the world’s children.”

“I don’t recommend such a consequence often, but only when a young child needs, for whatever reason, a huge wake-up call — the child hits or kicks a parent, for example. The unfortunate fact is that unless a consequence instills a permanent memory, one that screams “You don’t want to go there again!” when the child is about to misbehave in a similar manner, the punishment has been for naught.”

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Learning How to Discipline Kids Effectively Quickly requires thinking. Not everyone (including me) is going to agree with Mr. John Rosemond, Family Columnist, yet without discussion, there can be no steps forward, no change, no improvement. Consider parenting as a continual quality improvement movement. I like the title thought.

This piece by Mr. Rosemond appears to be directed toward the discipline of toddlers rather than older children.

Sometimes my excerpt is longer as is this one. Longer excerpts help parents reading this webpage to decide if going to the original source is worth their while.

I agree with Mr. Rosemond that unless a disciplinary technique (not punishment – I never recommend punishment) is strong enough and balanced enough to outweigh the action or misbehavior, the behavior will not change. That said, I cannot see past the example of a 3 year old. The attention span of toddlers and preschoolers 4 and under is so short, how are they ever to connect the ‘solitary confinement,’ no matter how loving, with the action or misbehavior?

Whatever this piece is worth to you, use the information to review your own parenting practices with your children, especially toddlers.

What are your views? How do you discipline kids?

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