How to Discipline Teenagers at School

How to Discipline Teenagers at School

UPDATED: May 17, 2012 (Text added; Title changed) Ah, How to Discipline Teenagers at School? That is a good question.To Discipline Children, especially teenagers, is critically dynamic, and becomes even more difficult if the teenager is out of the parental sightline. So, how do teenagers behave away from home, say when they are in school? Some teachers are saying that they are increasingly out of control and disrespectful.

Find out what one high school teacher has to say. Calvin Wolf, a high school teacher, has commented on Yahoo News ( in the Yahoo Contributor Network. The title of his work is a controversy grabbing headline. Read it below. In this piece, he mentions the ‘Tiger mom controversy’ and the Pamela Druckerman book entitled, “Bringing Up BeBe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting.”

Read the excerpt then go to the Yahoo New website.

How to Discipline Teenagers at School

“French people are alleged to be more pleasant to be around because they are more properly socialized as children to understand that they are not the only ones with wants and needs.”

“As a high school teacher, I am amazed at how needy some teenagers are.”
“… I am often surprised at how disrespectful many of my students can be toward myself and other teachers. “

“Parents, … are likely to be considerably biased.”
“… how children and teens act in the absence of parental oversight.“

“Students are outraged if, in the middle of handling a dozen things, I forget which student was supposed to go to the bathroom next.”

One person’s comment…

sooner“Yes they are, not all of them but a good majority of them. Their parents are too busy trying to be their friend and the kids run the house. Everyone should have to work in a school for a week, then that question would never be asked, ..”

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How to Discipline Teenagers at School

It would seem that Mr. Wolf has been very diplomatic in his descriptions of behaviors considered ‘inappropriate’ in an educational setting. More precise descriptions of offensive behaviors at school would help parents decided what is worth initiating a ‘battle’ over.

For instance…

Teenagers acting extremely ‘needy,’ and ‘keening’ for help tends to indicate that those teens are operating in a social set, or pack mentality, where the younger subordinates go to the ‘leaders’ and a solicit favors. Therefore, these teenagers are treating teachers as leaders, and parental figures. Not such a bad place to start, is it?

What specific disrespectful behaviors do high school students’ exhibit?

Discover why Calvin Wolf believes that “American kids need more of whatever the French are supposedly doling out when child-rearing.”

What specific disrespectful behaviors do high school students’ exhibit?

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