How to Help Children Resist Impulses

Did you ever wonder How to Help Children Resist Impulses? Have you ever wanted to lend your ability to think to your children?

How to Help Children Resist ImpulsesWell, Karen Spangenberg Postal, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. presents some food for thought on the subject. She writes in Psychology Today, “How Structure Improves Your Child’s Brain.” She helps parents to understand the process by which children learn to self-regulate.


How to Help Children Resist Impulses

“How Structure Improves Your Child’s Brain”

“What if your teenage daughter asks to borrow your frontal executive network rather than your shoes today? Sounds laughable? You’ve actually been lending it to her since she was a toddler.”

“A neuroscientist would say that the parents are acting as external frontal executive networks, literally lending their child their own brain’s ability to modulate emotions, resist impulses, and plan into the future.”

“Parents naturally lend their children structures that allow them to function in complex situations. There is nothing about this “loan” that gets in the way of their being able to eventually do it on their own.”

“The helicopter parent stands at the door before school and hands their child their library book. The child never learns that they are responsible for remembering the book. A parent who lends their child a helpful structure might post a calendar near the door, where they have …”

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In her article on How to Help Children Resist Impulses, Dr. Karen Spangenberg Postal mentions helicopter parenting.

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