How to Stop Tantrums in Toddlers

Information is everywhere. Do you know How to Stop Tantrums in Toddlers? Take this ten point quiz and determine just how much you know about toddler tantrums. This quiz can be found by clicking the link below the excerpt to eNannySource the website.


How to Stop Tantrums in Toddlers

Pop Quiz: How do you get a toddler to have a tantrum free day?

“1.) You’re in the grocery store when your toddler has a spontaneous temper tantrum over something that seems relatively minor. You’re in a hurry and fairly stressed, after having a difficult behavioral day with your child. Why is he behaving so badly in public?”

A)   To deliberately cause you more stress.
B)   Because he’s irritable and isn’t verbal enough to express the reason he’s upset clearly.
C)   He’s tired or hungry
D)   None of the above
E)    B, C or D

“2.) Your child was a calm and relatively happy infant, but seems to be having at least one temper tantrum a week now that he’s reached toddlerhood. What do you do?”

A)   Contact his pediatrician.
B)   Put strict rules and punishments in place.
C)   Be patient and understand that occasional tantrums are a developmental phase that will pass.

“3.) Your child is visibly tired, but begins to have a tantrum when you try to put him in a stroller or cart. Why is he being so difficult about walking when he’s obviously low on energy?”

A)   He’s trying to assert his independence.
B)   He’s irritable and difficult to please because he’s exhausted.
C)   He’s simply being contrary.
D)   Both A and B

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This info is just to whet you whistle, so to speak. Your child is different. You may need some fresh eyes to determine the basis for the tantrums. Start with your pediatrician.

But… Watch this video and you may just get some improved insight into the phenomenon of How to Stop Tantrums in Toddlers.

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To Your Parenting Success!

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