Introduce Your Nanny to Extended Family Network

An article listing 10 reasons to Introduce Your Nanny to Extended Family Network  appeared on the website, ‘Live In Nanny.’

This piece was posted by an administrator yesterday. Molly Cunningham sent me an email to let me know about this article. She thought that the reader and parents might want to see this information.

I’ve listed 3 of the 10 reasons in the excerpt below. Click the Link for the source and go to the webpage to read the rest.


Introduce Your Nanny to Extended Family NetworkIntroduce Your Nanny to Extended Family Network

“10 Reasons to Introduce Your Nanny to Extended Family”

“Whether your nanny lives in or outside of your home, there are several factors to consider when establishing boundaries. Boundaries are important to creating and maintaining a healthy nanny and family relationship. For some families, boundaries may include keeping their nanny separate from family functions and outings. This boundary, however, may not be the healthiest of options.”

“Here are 10 reasons why:”

  1. “Because She’s Almost Part of the Family – Nanny/employer relationships tend to work best when the nanny is …”
  2. “Because She Spends the Bulk of Her Time Separated From Her Own Family – By living and working in your home, which can potentially be …”
  3. “To Assist with Childcare at Family Functions – More often than not, a professional nanny will be more than happy to …”
    This is the source Link


 I agree with the premise to Introduce Your Nanny to Extended Family Network. The nanny and the nuclear family will benefit from a nanny being part of the whole extended family. I strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. If you trust the nanny to be in your home with your children when you are not there, I can’t imagine any benefits from separating her from the remainder of your friends and family. As always, you have to make this decision based on your family and parenting plan.

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