Lawn Pesticides and Children’s Health

Are you concerned about Lawn Pesticides and Children’s Health?

Lawn Pesticides and Children's HealthHere is the opinion of Joyce Acebo-Raguskus, who is “Chair Diesel Cleanup, Environmental Concerns Coalition, Clean Water Action/ Advocate/ Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Connecticut.” Her opinion, which seems to be in conjunction with the professional opinion of others, was published in the Milford-Orange Bulletin online out of New Haven, Connecticut.

If you haven’t heard about the dangers of lawn pesticides, then be prepared to be frightened. I have included the direct link to the piece at the bottom of the excerpt. I have also included some other links that may be helpful to you.

Do your homework.


Lawn Pesticides and Children’s Health

“People and parents that care can make a difference”

“Come Fall, as in our Springs, the yellow warning flags will fly on some lawns to alert people that poison has been applied. First, let us not assume safety here! Registration of pesticides with the Environmental Protection Agency, does not mean they are safe …”

“The Environmental Protection does not test pesticides, and no turf pesticides have ever been tested for their health effects on children.”

“Today the expectant mother’s “umbilical cord contains over 270+ toxic chemicals, to include pesticides!”

“Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 have studies linking them with cancer, thirteen are linked with birth defects, 21, with reproductive effects, 15 with neurotoxicity or abnormal brain development.”

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Lawn Pesticides and Children’s Health

Contact with lawn pesticides during pregnancy is also indicated as being harmful to Mom and unborn child. Ask your pediatrician, or your primary health care professional.

I ran across some indication that lawn pesticides may be banned in Canada. Does anyone know if that is true? Let us know in the comments below…

Here is a link to a list of the “Health Effects of 30 Commonly Used Lawn Pesticides.” Just click the link…

As always, do your due diligence. Do some more research, and ask questions of the health professional. Don’t be ‘chicken littles.’ The sky is not falling… at least not yet.

To Your Parenting Success!

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