List of Spanish Words from Dora

The ‘Admin’ from the National Nannies website posted a cute and thoughtful article that is a List of Spanish Words from Dora the Explorer. You’ll find 4 of them below with a brief English definition. Though your kids are growing up in a bi-lingual society, you may not have. These are words that you can spot in the series and share with your little ones. As always, the excerpt and Link is below.

You are familiar with Dora the Explorer, right? Your kids are learning stuff from TV and video, so they might as well learn something positive and productive that they can use in the future.


List of Spanish Words from Dora

“10 Spanish Words Kids Learn from Watching Dora the Explorer’

 “Pint-sized, animated seven-year-old Dora Marquez has been coming into living rooms since 2000, teaching children her signature blend of morality, adventure, and Spanish vocabulary words via the hit cartoon series Dora the Explorer. As one of the most successful children’s shows on television today, Dora the Explorer has … won the hearts of a generation. If your little one is a Dora fan, here are 10 of the Spanish words he’s likely to learn from her.”

  1. “¡Hola!” – This friendly greeting, which translates to “hello!” in English, is one of the many words that kids pick up from the gregarious Dora.
  2. “Amigos” – Dora’s friends, or “amigos,” are by her side through all of her many adventures, helping her to achieve her goals and complete her quests. Boots the Monkey is Dora’s best amigo, offering his assistance in solving puzzles and figuring out clues.
  3. “la Familia”– From her cousins Diego the Animal Rescuer, Daisy, and Alicia, to her beloved Mami and Papi, Dora Marquez’s family is a big part of her life. Diego has proven to be such a popular member of Dora’s familia that he became the star of his own show, Go, Diego, Go! in 2005.
  4. “Abuela” – Abuela, Dora’s grandmother, is featured prominently in the show as Dora visits her often. Because Abuela is Mami’s mother, she isn’t Diego, Alicia and Daisy’s grandmother; Abuela is one of the recurring characters popular enough to be the subject of merchandising in the form of toys and books set in the Dora universe. While kids learn the Spanish word for their own grandmothers, they’re also learning a bit about family dynamics and relationships.

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You will find the List of Spanish Words from Dora by clicking the Link above. Be sure that you and your little ones are safe through all of today’s adventures.

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