Most Effective Discipline for Toddlers

Sara Michael has written a piece on the Most Effective Discipline for Toddlers for the Baltimore Post Examiner from Columbia, MD. She is a self-reported Type A personality with her primary job being a ‘writer and editorial director at a health care media company.’ She is the content manager for an online publication for physicians. She reports that her journalism background started in ‘daily newspapers, covering health, science, environment, and local government.’ She is a first time Mom.


Most Effective Discipline for Toddlers

Most Effective Discipline for Toddlers“earning to discipline a 1-year-old”

“… he’s just too young to get it.”

“So I just swallow my urge to either laugh with him or scream in frustration.”

“Some behaviors that I see as harmless toddler world-exploring – smearing and throwing food, for example – are off limits to him and warranting of a stern tone.”

“Sure, I think limits are important. So is discipline. But at what age? And when?”

“My husband suggested that we start with simple time-outs to help him understand that “no” isn’t a silly game, but an order. When my son laughs and continues the behavior (like his new awesome habit of swatting at my face and neck when I’m holding him), we should sit him down in a chair and hold him there sternly while counting to 10. We’ve done it once, and I watched the grin melt from my kid’s face as a whimper emerged.”

“I haven’t quite embraced the time-outs. I’m just not convinced he’s old enough for all of that.”

The Baltimore Post-Examiner is the original source


I am somewhat reluctant to agree with all her statements on the Most Effective Discipline for Toddlers, but she has some valid points that could be helpful to moms of toddlers. Discipline is not punishment. Discipline is teaching and training. Growing an attitude of parenting by example is a great place to start. If your toddler is curious and very active, then create places and objects that will stimulate that curiosity in a safe environment. An effective way to reengage a toddler is to exchange out toys as the toddler becomes bored. Put some toys away out of reach and out of sight. Don’t let your toddler see you do this. The next day there are different and appealing safe toys available. Active and creative play toys have a great engaging effect.

Here is more free information on disciple for toddlers, “How to Discipline a Toddler Without Hitting.” Just Click this Link… or copy and paste this into your browser…

You can also use the ‘search’ feature of the website to find more information on discipline. The ‘search’ box is in the black bar near the website heading.

Learning about the “Child Development Book: Stages of Childhood and Life” can be tremendously helpful in feeling more comfortable with teaching and training your toddler life skills for each stage of development. Click this Link for concise and detailed explanation and description of Childhood Development.

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