Overstressed Fathers Parenting Children

Sue McAllister of the San Jose Mercury News online writes about Overstressed Fathers Parenting Children. There is more to this topic than first meets the eye. Now you overstressed Moms out there try to keep an open mind. There is a stereo type that continues today, which compels men, fathers, to believe that they are responsible even for those occurrences out of their immediate control. There is also the alpha man out there that has to succeed at everything. Become enlightened. This piece is a great read. It takes the reader through the thoughts of three fathers.


Overstressed Fathers Parenting Children

Overstressed Fathers Parenting Children

“Fathers struggle with work-life balance”

“Clint Schmidt, a father of two, finds it tough to juggle family life, a startup job and two hours of commuting every day. New dad Chris Schwarz is managing well so far, partly thanks to a short commute and bosses who also have young children at home. And single parent Garrett Gonzales has mastered the balancing act for now, but he worries about the next stage in his life.”

“”Dads feel tremendous responsibility and anxiety around the protecting and providing for their families,” says Jerrold Lee Shapiro, professor of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University and author of three books on fatherhood, as well as the new baby-boomer-centric “Finding Meaning, Facing Fears in the Autumn of Your Years.” “And so what do you do with the anxiety about feeling left out of your kid’s life, or feeling you’re as distant or more distant than your own father was? They fight against that.””

To counteract that fear, he says, he tries hard to focus on “spending time with the baby and blocking out all the negative stuff. … It’s better than thinking about everything unraveling because you’ve got so much to juggle.”

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I continue to be mystified by our American society’s perpetual state of emotional family chaos. Overstressed Fathers Parenting Children is a reality. This phenomenon bares future contemplation. There are two other father’s stories on this website. Use the website’s search function to discover more information.

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