Parenting Children with Common Sense

Parenting Children with Common SenseAn Episcopal minister, David Code, is featured in the Huffington Post ( He has written about Parenting Children with Common Sense, or at least thinking about our parenting more intentionally. He talks about sullen and moody children, anxiety, cultural and marital changes negatively affecting our tactics and style of parenting. He has presented an idea to focus our parental thinking and acting.
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Parenting Children with Common Sense

“Parenting Lessons From Your Dog”

“…so many parents are thinking: how did my kid become so sullen and demanding? Where did I go wrong?”

“After interviewing families in 20 countries around the world, I concluded the reality of parenting is something quite different: Humans have forgotten we are animals, and children are like dogs — either you train them or they train you.”

“…today’s parents spend more time with their kids, and yet today’s kids don’t see happier, more independent or successful.”

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His take on parenting children is out there, but is it wrong? We are mammals after all; we are in the animal kingdom. The first church I ever attended as a child was an Episcopal Church, St. Paul, in Niles, Illinois. To this day, I have never forgotten those first positive messages taught to me in Sunday school. I still have the Bible that I was given there, which is now a million years ago. Perhaps some of our first lesson could be reviewed. If this Episcopal minister has used this focus to stir our moral thinking, that is a good thing.

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