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Take advantage of the Kindle Countdown Deal that will be between March 14, 2014 and March 17, 2014. This Deal ends 8:00 AM March 18th, 2014.


Parenting Solutions - The Quick Guide to Parenting SolutionsKindle Book is a broad overview of Raising Children by Nancy Sander.

For the next 96 hours, there will be ever changing Kindle Countdown Deal each 24 hours. March 14th you will be able to download this Kindle Book for $.99. March 15th this book will go up to $1.99. March 16th $2.99, and March 17th $3.99. There After it will revert to it’s original low price of $8.95.

Ms. Sander has professional experience with teenagers, parents, and families since 1990. Read more about this author at

To discover what is included in this book,

You will discover the basics of Parenting Children successfully with your own values and goals.

Ms. Sander covers a plethora of topics that will inform the readers about:

  • Developmental Phases and Tasks
  • Choosing Your Parenting Style
  • Teaching Values
  • Setting Family Goals
  • Parenting Young Children
  • Discipline
  • Natural Consequences
  • Rules that Work!
  • Eliminating and Minimizing Bad Behavior
  • Taking Action
  • Parents are People, too
  • Common Sense Parenting
  • Using Parenting Resources
  • Dealing with Parenting Stress
  • Discovering Parenting Skills
  • Looking to the Future – Parenting Teens
  • The Healthy Family Functioning Smoothly

Ms. Sander has made this a work of passion in which she deftly balances effective psychological concepts with Common Sense Parenting strategies

Children are exposed to all kinds of factors that can influence their thinking, emotions, actions, and development. Parents can be the anchor and foundation that children require for a healthy, well rounded transition through childhood and into a wonderful adult life.

Though raising children can be scary at times, Ms. Sander has found a way of delivering her message with a lighthearted cheery attitude, and a positive outlook for parent’s success.

Thus, “The Quick Guide to Successful Parenting Solutions” by Nancy Sander is engaging, clearly informative, supportive, and utterly entertaining while providing an effective look into the world of Raising Children.

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