Patience Is the Key

Debbie A. Heaton, a columnist for the Eastern Arizona Courier has a piece in the online webpage. When Parenting Children Patience Is the Key to Success Story, after success story, after success story. In the application of parenting techniques that help to avoid the need to discipline young children, patience is the first key, and anticipation / preparation is the second. Children, especially, young children are all about attention seeking behaviors. Being aware of your own reactions and responses to these behaviors will be a great start. It can be a mistake to over-react to a small breach of public decorum. If a particular behavior that is aimed at getting your attention is successful, your reaction will either extinguish the behavior or reinforce it.

I have included two of Ms. Heaton’s tips in the excerpt below. There Link to the original source is there as well.


When Parenting Children Patience Is the Key to Success Story

When Parenting Children Patience Is the Key to Success Story

“Parenting tips: Think ahead; avoid meltdowns”

“Recently, I was grocery shopping when I witnessed a public meltdown between parent and child. A little boy asked his mother for some candy; she told him no … The child dropped to the floor kicking and screaming.””

““The mother muttered fiercely, “Get up off the floor!” When that didn’t produce a positive response, she turned to coaxing: “Please be a good little boy for Mommy.””

“Next came the bribery attempt: “If you mind now, I’ll buy you that video you’ve been wanting.””

“Out of desperation came the threats: “Get up now or you can forget about TV and treats for the rest of the week! I’m counting to three, and you’d better be up before that!””

“… and then the mother gave in and handed the boy a candy bar.”

“Parents often find it difficult to follow through and implement disciplinary techniques.”

“Unfortunately, children quickly learn that acting out can often earn them what they want.”

“… prepare some activities that will occupy your child during this outing. Small children can identify the fruits in the produce section by describing the color, shape and size of each object.”

“Some quality time spent organizing some distractions can … prevent the need for discipline on the parent’s part.”

“Utilizing choices with children offers them some control over small decisions and will help even a younger child feel that his desires are being taken into account.”

The original source Link


When Parenting Children Patience Is the Key to Success Story, and successful parenting solutions. One of the biggest barriers to successful parenting solutions is a lack of follow through. Discipline is teaching and training children socially acceptable behavior. Every moment is a teaching moment; otherwise, the future will be filled with repeat performances. I found a video on YouTube of the obviousness of tantrum behaviors. Since I am now a Grandma… I find it funny. However, I realize that if this behavior is in the grocery store, and I was the parent, it would not be so funny.

To Your Parenting Success!

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