Second Hand Smoke and Childrens Health

Lancashire Telegraph out of the UK has opened the topic of Second Hand Smoke and Childrens Health. Lawrence Dunhill, a Health reporter presents the concerns of one community regarding children breathing the secondhand smoke from cigarettes in homes and vehicles.

Second Hand Smoke and Children's Health

This is not a pretty habit.

Have you encountered any recent research or valid information on this topic? I firmly believe that secondhand cigarette smoke can be damaging to young developing lungs and body systems. I lack any recent research to put on this site. Will you help out my readers?

Both my parents smoked incessantly in the house and car. I have both asthma and upper respiratory allergies. I forever had colds and coughs, when I was small. For me, this is enough to believe that my lungs may have been irreparably damaged from this exposure. Nevertheless, I want my reader to have more.


Second Hand Smoke and Childrens Health

“East Lancashire children in peril from parents’ cigarettes”

Second Hand Smoke and Children's Health“The figure was released as health chiefs urged parents to take their cigarettes outside to avoid inflicting secondhand smoke on youngsters.”

“… opening a window or back door was not enough to protect kids.”

“Susan Hopkinson, enhanced services manager at Lancashire County Council said …”

““Children’s lungs are smaller and less developed so they are more vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke.”

““It is vital that we do everything we can to improve awareness and reduce the risks.”

““Opening a window won’t protect your health, but smoke-free cars and homes will.””

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Both my readers and I would like to hear your personal stories about the effects of Second Hand Smoke and Childrens Health.

People know so little about a topic that has really been in the news for decades. Those who know, often times ignore the dangers that secondhand smoke poses to children.

Read the excerpt above and please assist me in gathering more reliable information on this topic.

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