Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten

What did you learn in kindergarten? Perhaps to tie shoe laces… Or to share toys with your brother… Did you learn to wash your hands before you eat? Well, the Website, National Nannies, has published a piece that takes us dinosaurs back a ways. Have you heard of Mr. Rogers? My kids grew up with him right along side of The Electric Company and Sesame Street on Public TV.

The piece was published by ‘admin,’ but the website did share an address in Katy, Texas. National Nannies has identified themselves as a member of the organization, International Nanny Association (INA).Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten

The excerpt is below. You will find the other 7 Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten by clicking the Link provided back to the original article. Read; Smile a little.


Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten

“10 Things Kids Learned from Mister Rogers”

Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten“From 1968 to 2008, when PBS permanently pulled Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood from their programming line-up, kids tuned in every day to watch Fred Rogers cheerfully come home and take them on an adventure filled with fantasy characters and life lessons. Though the beloved Mister Rogers died in 2003, the lessons that he passed along to those children, now adults themselves, have carried on. For the sake of nostalgia, here are 10 of the things that a generation of children learned from Mister Rogers and his neighborhood.”

“Always Change Into Play Clothes – Before any of his adventures or learning experiences began, Mister Rogers always took off his jacket, hung it carefully …”

Be a Good Neighbor – The underlying theme in every episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhoodwas the importance of accepting those around you and helping them …”

Everybody Has a Job, and Every Job is Important – From doctors to zoo workers, Mister Rogers met them all. He also took his young viewers along for the ride, emphasizing the importance of every job …”

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The writer of this piece includes a bit of nostalgia by comparing the manner in which TV and video ‘market’ to children today with Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Bright colors and loud sounds get attention. Mr. Rogers had a slower pace, but his message was always based on sound educational principles. I have to admit that while my kids loved to watch these programs, they were a bit slow paced for me. The messages were not for me. How are you teaching your children the Skills to Learn Before Kindergarten?

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