Stay at Home Dad

Stay at Home DadJonathan Liu wrote a piece in ( about the statistics of the Stay at Home Dad, and some of his experiences.

This is getting to be a larger portion of our American population every year. I’m sure there are a load of factors that lead to this post 1950’s phenomenon, one of which is the computer. More jobs are transferring to telecommuting rather than commuting on our clogged and polluted expressways.

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Stay at Home Dad

“I remember taking the bus with my daughter… ”

“I thought about explaining that I was a stay-at-home dad, the primary caretaker of my daughter and had been since she was born.”

“…no, I was not babysitting.”

“I was surprised to find that my duties as a stay-at-home dad are considered “child care,” according to the Census Bureau. But that’s not all: “designated parent” is defined as the mother, unless the child lives with the father in a single-parent …”

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Stay at Home DadI have run into dads with small children in tow many times. This was not so when my kids were small. A dad looking after a child was the exception then. It was looked upon a miracle at which the woman should be thankful. Today, I am happy to report that this has all changed.

Be sure to read this piece; it gives some insight into the thinking and feeling of the Stay-at-Home-Dad.

Some of the information from the curated article comes from the New York Times. Here is a Link directly to that material…

On February 8, 2012, KJ DELL’ANTONIA wrote this article, “The Census Bureau Counts Fathers as ‘Child Care’.”

Are you part of this new phenomenon?

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