Successful Parenting Does Not Provoke Children

Successful Parenting Does Not Provoke Children to Anger Issues

UPDATED: May 20, 2012 (Excerpt expanded; Sections clarified; Text added; Title changed) Beth Pratt comes right to the point about her thoughts stating that Successful Parenting Does Not Provoke Children to Anger Issues. Parents all too often unnecessarily and inadvertently incite behavior problems with young children that could otherwise have been avoided. I recently experienced such a display of poor behavior in the Jewel Food Store. This small child’s voice could be heard over the entire front half of the store. Everyone in the checkout lines was looking around to see what was happening. At first, I thought something was terribly wrong, so I looked around to see what was going on… I finally could make out what the 4 year-old was saying. He was screaming and throwing himself on the floor, as he kept repeating, ‘I want to have it!’ ‘I need it!’ ‘I have to have it!’ And so forth… I’m sure all the nerve endings of every parent and grandparent in the entire store were on edge. This type of scene can be avoided or at least minimized.

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Successful Parenting Does Not Provoke Children to Anger Issues

“Pratt: Good parenting doesn’t provoke children”

“Most of us have witnessed more than a few temper tantrums in grocery stores or anywhere parents take young children. One story that makes the rounds frequently is the little boy who wails “pray for me” as a scarlet-faced parent hurries down the church to deliver an attitude adjustment…”

The rudeness and violence with which some parents speak to their children is enough to singe the raised eyebrows of everyone in hearing distance.”

Equally painful is to hear children yell at a parent (usually the mother) in a disturbingly disrespectful manner when they are told “no” to some request.”

The boys loved for Mimi to take care of them when they had a cold because she rubbed the chest with strong, fragrant stuff and pinned on a warmed, flannel cloth. Book knowledge is fine, but it is cold compared to those gentle hands and serious attention to your comfort.”

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Successful Parenting is always a result of good decision making, planning, and action. In discussions with Parents, I have discovered that many times this type of incident is caused by either a lack of the Parents taking action prior to and in anticipation of  the natural behaviors of young children, or relying on irrational expectations of the maturity level, age related abilities, and personality differences of each child. Keep learning and discovering.

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