Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive Parenting

Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive ParentingHave you ever taken a look at all the topics on the website eHow? It is often a great resource for brief information. It can give you a start to get more in-depth information.

Angela Neal, an eHow Contributor, has written a straight to the point piece outlining four points that may indicate Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive Parenting.

There is a reality to emotionally abusive parenting styles. Children struggle to grow up healthy in this type of environment. Emotional abuse is not limited to parents. Educators and many other professionals are guilty of these offenses.

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Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive Parenting

“Signs of Emotionally Abusive Parents”

Here are four signs that are easy to spot…


”A sign of emotionally abusive parents is emotional detachment between the parents and child.”

“… the relationship will seem cold or artificial when they are around others.”

”Inappropriate Age Behavior”

“If a child acts much older than his or her age, or much younger, this is one of the signs of possible parental emotional maltreatment.”

Beware. Do not attempt to diagnose the children of other people. These brief descriptions here and elsewhere are for informational purposes only. Seek the help of a local professional, or your local school district, if you have a concern.

“The child may also act sexually promiscuous at a young age to try to gain some kind of approval.”

“… if a child of eight or nine displays the behavior of a toddler or a baby, such as rocking back and forth or thumb-sucking, they also may be seeking the attention they didn’t receive at that age.”


“An emotionally abused child may retreat inside a shell and become shy and even fearful of other people.”

“It’s possible that a child who is excessively afraid of doing something wrong, or is a afraid of saying something …”

“Blame and Belittling”

“If a parent blatantly or subtly refers to the child as a burden or blames him or her of causing all the problems in the parents’ lives …”

“… because he or she isn’t good enough in school or other activities.”

Name-calling is also another severe source of stress from parent to child…

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Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive ParentingPlease do not use this brief undifferentiated list of signs and Symptoms of Emotionally Abusive Parenting styles to panic over the parenting skills of other people. It may give you some food for thought, and help you to review your own parenting style. Parents often do and say things unconsciously and inadvertently, not understanding that harm is occurring.

If you have deep concerns about a child or children that you have observed, please take action by seeking the guidance of a local psychology professional, or the professional at your local school. If you still have concerns, please follow the guidance you receive from those professionals for your state or local law enforcement district.

May it never happen again….

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