Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills

If you are interested in learning How to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills, then you will get a solid foundation for that process in this article that was brought to my attention by Maureen Denard. This article can be found on the Find a Nanny website. An excerpt is directly below for your convenience in which I have listed the sub-headings. Go the original article to discover the explanation for each subtitle. As always, a Link to the original source material is included.How to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills


How to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills

“Teaching Children Problem Solving Skills”
How to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills“One of the best set of skills you can teach a child is effective problem solving skills. These skills will be used and built on throughout a child’s life. They will help her ask for what she wants and needs, set healthy boundaries, and find creative solutions to big and small challenges. Here are some key things you can do to put your child on the problem solving path.”
“Give her the vocabulary to describe the problem and talk about her feelings.”
“Give her choices from an early age.”
“Practice problem solving in calm situations.”
“Talk in positive language.”
“Model problem solving skills in your own life.”

“Kids that have good problem solving skills are well equipped to deal with the problems that regularly come up in everyday life. Armed with a positive attitude and a solid understanding of the process, they can successfully tackle the challenges that they may face.”

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Discovering How to Teach Kids Problem Solving Skills will benefit you and your children in the long run. Not only are you teaching specific skills, you will be training young minds in the art of thinking. Ah, this will be very helpful when your child is faced with a poor choice. These skills also expand the confidence of children to solve problems, and this confidence spreads out to self-confidence, thus helping to avoid choices that follow a ‘bad’ crowd.

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