Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them

Cristen Conger has a long four-page post on People – How Stuff Works covering many aspects of Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them. This How Stuff Works is out of Atlanta, GA. She covers the gamut of information quite necessary for dealing with temper tantrums.

Here is a short list of the sections in this piece.

  • How Temper Tantrums Work
  • Introduction to how temper tantrums work
  • Anatomy of a Temper Tantrum
      • 5 Most Common Temper Tantrum Symptoms
  • Taming a Temper Tantrum
  • Unhealthy Home Environments Can Lead to Unhealthy Tantrum Patterns
  • Temper Tantrums: When to Seek Help
  • Teenage Temper Tantrums
      • 6-Year-Old Arrested for Temper Tantrum
  • Author’s Note: How Temper Tantrums WorkTemper Tantrums and How to Stop Them

She has a list of the resources she used, which includes, to name but a few, University of Chicago Pediatrics, medical dictionary, oppositional defiant disorder, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN. After the excerpt below, you will find a brief history of the author herself.


Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them

“How Temper Tantrums Work”
“For a cringe-inducing glimpse into the bizarre extremes of human emotional behavior produced in the most primitive parts of the brain, look no farther than a toddler temper tantrum.”
“To moms and dads, temper tantrums can be an embarrassment, a supposedly poor reflection on their parenting skills, attracting accusations of spoiling and lack of discipline.”
“What tantrum-addled parents might not realize is that it would be more of a statistical abnormality for their toddlers to not go on these tirades.”
“On the bright side, just like temper tantrums eventually blow over — and often more quickly than expected — so do those terrible twos. The unpredictable fits largely fade away by the time kids are 4 or 5 years old [source: Kaneshiro]. That said, extreme and persistent tantrums may indicate underlying behavioral issues or environmental stressors negatively affecting how a young child negotiates the world around him or her, and may require closer attention or clinical treatment.”

Her’s  your source for Temper Tantrums


Here is what I found out about Cristen Conger that may make her knowledgeable about Temper Tantrums and How to Stop Them. She received her journalism degree at the University of Georgia. After a circumventive path, she came to Atlanta, where she began her career with the website HowStuffWorks.com. She is also a contributing writer for Discovery News. She states that she specialized in technology and the science of everyday living. It is also reported the she ‘dabbles’ in improvisational comedy. She has written about the gender gap, feminism, and humor.

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